We are more than just experts in rug and carpet

In 2015, RM Innovation was officially recognized as a leader in innovation.

Mission & Commitment

Every day, we are committed to the success of our clients. We listen to to their collective knowledge and wisdom in order to automate the best practices that will simplify their business to produce time-saving results that increase profits and standardize the industry. We have tied our success to the success of our clients.

We are relentless in our pursuit of solving the pains of business owners. We strive for perfection and are dedicated to their excellence. We will always go beyond the call of duty in order to provide services that exceed the client’s expectations.

David Khazai - RM Innovation - Market Connect

Our Story

In the mid '90s, RM Innovation founder David Khazai was running rug stores around the country. But as he went through the day-to-day operations of running his stores, he kept hitting the same walls—the technological tools he needed to be successful just weren't available. Feeling this pain first-hand, he found himself saying two very important words: "What if?"

What if there was a tool that made operations seamless and efficient for the smaller retailer? What if he could create a simple solution that completely automated best practices in the rug industry?

RM Innovation & RM PRo

One thing Mr. Khazai had learned from his own business experience was that if you can measure it, you can manage it– and if you can manage it, you can grow it. With this insight in tow, he started building RM Pro, a point of sale and inventory system that incorporated powerful measurement capabilities.

His first experiences in market validation were simple and straightforward. He would meet with retailers and start by saying “Imagine a tool that could do this… and this… or this” then he would ask them if these capabilities would help their businesses. As Mr. Khazai continued to receive more and more positive feedback on his retail software, it fueled him to keep innovating and pushing his vision forward.

RM Pro evolved into a great success, but by 2008 Mr. Khazai realized there was another bottleneck. Worse, big-box stores and dot-coms with endless resources were taking sales away from smaller retailers. He wanted to know what industry giants had that the smaller guys with decades of retail experience didn’t. This was when he realized the vital importance of product data, and once again he was back to those two powerful words: “What if?”

RM Innovation’s 2015 GHTA Medal of Excellence award

RM Innovation’s 2015 GHTA Medal of Excellence award

The revolutionary Datalink solution

What if every vendor’s product data could be standardized across the industry? And what if vendors could stream this data right to their retailers, in real time? The answer to these questions led to the first version of Datalink, which integrated with the RM Pro solution.

Realizing the infinite possibilities Datalink could bring to the industry, Mr. Khazai had a new vision for the home furnishings industry. In 2010, he officially launched RM Innovation and started assembling a team, recruiting talented and passionate individuals that could push mere ideas into tangible realities. From that point on, RM Innovation has kept innovating, now providing a suite of solutions including point-of-sale, product data streaming, and E-commerce. These are the solutions that empower retailers to succeed and achieve real growth in today’s market.

In 2015, RM Innovation was officially recognized as a leader in innovation at the Icon Honors award ceremony in Atlanta. They were awarded the GHTA’s Medal of Excellence honor for their revolutionary Datalink solution, which standardizes any vendor’s data and streams it to a retailer’s POS and web store in real time.

RM Innovation’s the 2015 GHTA Medal of Excellence

RM Innovation accepts the 2015 GHTA Medal of Excellence for their revolutionary Datalink solution

RM Innovation at the 2015 Icon Honors award ceremony

SVP Patrick Bain and Founder David Khazai with their GHTA Medal of Excellence at the 2015 Icon Honors award ceremony