Our Search Solution


Why Market Connect?

RMI Market Connect is an A-Z, searchable database platform for the entire supply chain. Vendors have the ability to upload product catalogs from anywhere, anytime, and without needing web designers, or computer software engineers. Retailers, Designers and Consumers can easily search for items on a global scale by style, type, color, design and more. In addition, MARKET CONNECT indicates the nearest location, so buyers may see the desired item firsthand. MARKET CONNECT utilizes an exclusive tool known as the “Advanced COLOR WHEEL” which allows searching by color percentage and shade of color.

What is the Market Connect Solution?

RM Market Connect is a straightforward, ironclad solution designed to “fortify the future”, for the brick & mortar business using previously unattainable technology to level the playing field for the SMB, (Small to Medium-Sized Business). RM Market Connect is a revolutionary, new way for Vendors to engage with B2B and B2C customers in one single, online location. MARKET CONNECT is a simple, effective solution that enables buyers and sellers to connect directly, quickly and easily.


Why do we believe in RMI Market Connect?

The boundary between the physical and digital worlds is no longer clear as those two realities increasingly overlap and fuse together. And whilst most stakeholders in the supply chain are in a wait-and-see mindset, the window of opportunity is open for those strong-willed enough to move themselves and their organization through it, and achieve lasting success. At no other time in recent history, has the opportunity to capture market share been afforded to you, the business owner – if you’ll only use your creativity and draw on your strengths rather than focusing on the past weaknesses that disruption has caused. R M Innovation assumes the technical burdens of onboarding your business to our virtual marketplace, including, but not limited to, data entry, and product data information. Vendors can now serve Brick & Mortar (and Click), retail stores, Designers and Consumers using technology previously available to only a few corporate conglomerates. For the first time ever, SMB’s (Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses), will be able to afford to compete online, on a level playing field.

Who benefits from Market Connect?

Everybody! Vendors, Retailers, Consumers, Designers can all up their game, and simultaneously save invaluable time, money and resources.

• Designers, Retailers, and Consumers are more easily able to find desired products and then send their requests directly to the product Vendor through Market Connect.

• Vendors vastly increase their online presence in the industry which in turn connects them with more Retailers, Consumers and Designers; creating unlimited sales opportunities.